Brand Profile

CRILOI is a new line dedicated to old passions; it is inculcated with the love for exquisite materials and contemporary influences. The research of exceptional fabrics is at the heart of every collection. CRILOI aspires to produce a style with dramatic construction, structured cuts, and radical shapes which create a sort of shroud that both transforms and accentuates the woman who wears them. Accompanied by elegant nonchalance, the clothes are able to project sophistication, confidence, and femininity upon their wearer.

Cristina Loi, was born in 1976 in Milan. In 2002, inspired by her love for searching out vintage pieces and without any sartorial training, the designer begins to design one-ofa- kind, handmade pieces. This line is sold at King Kong, the legendary underground store in Milan. Quickly, becomes a fixture in the counter-culture scene of the time, mixing with photographers, stylists and graphic designers. CRILOI is born in 2012 in Paris, as a true fashion line. The first collection is the capsule, “Triangle” which consists of handmade cashmere scarves and collars; and produces for F/W 2013 a limited line of cashmere knits that include one model of sweater (featured in Le Figaro) and a series of scarves, produced in Como. For S/S 2014, she creates a line of one-off raglan blouses and various other tops which are an immediate success. In January, 2014, CRILOI is featured in Le Figaro as on of the year’s six designers to watch. The brand was selected in 2015 by Federation de la Couture Parisienne with the support of DEFI, for the Designers Apartment – a showroom based in Rue Richelieu – Paris.